Traditional Twin Guitar Rock/Metal

Black Halo will release its debut album, Utopia, in 2024, featuring ten tracks.

We’re just getting the site set up here as of Fall 2023, so check back soon for streaming audio, photos, videos, and more.

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We’ll have the whole album here via Spotify when it’s released. For now, check out the rough mix of “Upon Deaf Ears.”

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Coming 2024…

Recent News

Logo Finalized!

The Black Halo logo has been finalized. And no, we’re not Satanic! The logo and band name represent a common issue – we think we’re a good person, but someone misinterprets our words or actions and decides we’re a jerk Read More …


New Site

We’ve just launched the new site October 2023, in advance of the debut album, Utopia, scheduled for 2024 release. Check back next year as we begin uploading final artwork, track listings, pre-release songs, and music videos.