Black Halo is a traditional twin guitar metal band from Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA. A cross between classic Iron Maiden and Metallica, with a modern touch and socially conscious lyrics, they’re set to release their debut album, Utopia, in 2024.

The band began in 2009 a solo project of guitarist Randy Ellefson, who had released multiple instrumental guitar albums. With help from local studio musicians, Utopia was to be his first with vocals. But when six consecutive singers, including Atlanta-based Chase Breedlove, came and went without finishing their parts – over seven(!) years – he shelved the project. And retired.

In 2023, Ellefson announced his return, prompting Breedlove to rejoin the newly christened Black Halo. Like many of the song’s subjects (addiction, suicide, abuse), the album has been a struggle, but is now a second chance for both of them.

* While the music is written for two guitarists, the band is officially a four-piece because band leader Ellefson performs all guitars on studio albums; live, Black Halo has five members.