For a new[ish] band, Black Halo has a long (and sometimes troubled) history.

The Beginning
Dave, Rand, and James in 2011

Guitarist Randy Ellefson wrote some songs on the debut album, Utopiaas a teenager, but he switched to instrumental guitar in his 20s. After releasing four such albums, he returned to twin guitar metal inspired by bands like classic Iron Maiden and Metallica.

Dusting off old songs, writing new ones, and converting unfinished instrumentals, he recorded Utopia between 2009-2011, along with previous bassist Dave DeMarco and live guitarist James Goetz on drums. And the singer trouble had already begun.


The first vocalist finished only five songs in eighteen months. Difficult to work with, he finally crossed a line, leading to a tense exchange that ended with him quitting in a huff.

The second singer backed out before starting, saying he had to report to federal prison. With that subsequently delayed, he tried to  return, but by then, Ellefson had found #3.

That was eventual singer Chase Breedlove, who worked on vocal demos for sixteen months before dropping out for personal reasons.

Dave and James recommended singers 4, 5, and 6. Number four sang nothing in the six months following his audition; he was fired. The fifth singer quit after a month due to financial problems outside his control. Singer six lasted eighteen months before Randy let him go due to poor quality; it had now been seven years and, out of sheer desperation, he’d accepted subpar work until James and Dave pointed it out and he conceded they were right. It was now 2016.

It’s Quiet. Too Quiet

And finally Randy just quit. Retired. Got drunk. Swore a lot. Put curses on people. You know, the usual stuff.

He’d since become a father, but he was also an author and had backburnered books for music and now switched gears, publishing over two dozen books in the next few years. And while Utopia had been hung up, he’d finished/released two more instrumental albums before he quit playing altogether.

The Return

In 2022, he began jamming with his ten-year-old son/drummer, accidentally writing half of another Black Halo album. In early 2023, Randy announced his return to music on Facebook. Chase saw it and asked to return, so they resumed work for a second chance at world domination.

World Domination

You may have to wait for this. Hey look, we waited a long time for this, so just chill! It will happen!